Art Writing: between the Void and the Drift

This site began as a personal exploration complementing  my formal study and practice in visual arts.  I have always been a writer – writing for a living as an academic for many years – but I have been engaged with the visual world, especially art, photography and movies, just as deeply and often more so.

I began my online art and writing career using the idea of the Void. The Void has been a powerful meme in recent philosophy.  I have described some of the ways in which the Void can be explored through contemporary art in my  prize-winning essay on the work of Anne Judell. See: Anne Judell “Void” – Review.

In 2015 I began an extended meditation on the role of time, memory and history based around my family’s house on the Hawkesbury River. I started painting a series of monochromes which I called The Drift. Where the Void implies an invisible depth from which creativity emerges, an inevitable call for abstraction, the Drift invites a meditation on the movements of thought and art through space and time, from generation to generation. Realist representation seems the most compelling approach.

I plan soon to revisit the Hawkesbury River in colour, and to complete the series “Scenic World”,  exploring history and memory around Katoomba.

rowboat 1

Annette Hamilton 2015. Rowboat, 1932.  Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.  From monochrome series The Drift 2015-16.


Monks in the Mist 2
Annette Hamilton: Working Sketch, Monks in the Mist: Cliff Drive Katoomba 2014.
Waratah St half way
Working Sketch: Waratah Street Katoomba 2014

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