Spring is sprung … silence is broken

apple blossom 17.1
Apple blossom, Spring, 2017.  AH.

It’s been a long silence I know. I closed up my Sydney studio and stopped painting, and writing about painting, while I focussed on getting some creative writing out into the ebook world. Two down and two to go in the next couple of months, I hope. Visit the Writing Zone for more on that.

So looking forward to the Gerhard Richter at QAGOMA in a few weeks. Was too late to get tickets to the one day seminar. It looks like a great program overall, although some seriously important work is missing. Apparently it was not possible to get the Baader-Meinhof works, and not sure how much of the 60s monochrome will make it either. It is going to be interesting going back to my earlier thoughts on Richter in the light of the exhibition. Every possible thanks and gratitude to the curators at Queensland, may they receive all praise for actually getting this to happen. More on Richter-related matters soon.

Meanwhile, spring has brought the most stunning sights to our gardens. I’ve always been fascinated by flower painting, but cringed sometimes at the way it so easily becomes twee and decorative. The formalism of the Dutch flower painters is fascinating but so close to mortuary in its stillness. What I saw in the gardens this year was vivid activity and movement, bees sweeping in and out of the trees, wind blowing tiny blossoms everywhere so they covered the grey concrete paths. Maybe I should experiment. These are all photographs taken casually in one or other of our gardens in the Blue Mountains, just in the past couple of weeks. Another Mountains project? Colour? Contrast? Form? Very different from the bush monochromes I was beginning to work on.

apple blossom 17.2
Apple blossom with hidden bee, Spring 2017
blossoms glenrowan 17
Front garden, Glenrowan, Spring 2017
blossoms Goyder 17
Across the Fence, Goyder Avenue, Spring 2017
red leaves 17
New leaves, Spring, 2017

3 thoughts on “Spring is sprung … silence is broken”

  1. Annette, I hope you get around to blogging on the Richter exhibition. I came across one of your essays on, I think, the modern Germans, last year and loved it. I echo a thought you posed then that there has been an amazing lack of notice taken here of them.

    For me to get to Brisbane will not be simple, but it might help if I get an impulse from your writing haha!

    1. Hullo Philip, so sorry I didn’t get to respond to you sooner and haven’t been able to write about the Richter exhibition in Brisbane – almost a year ago now! Sudden and unexpected illness intervened and 2018 has been a whirlwind. However getting back to things now and keen to revisit both Richter and Rauch very soon. Thanks so much for your comments.

      1. Best wishes for your health. I hope that Spring is a colourful and full of blossom for you whereever you are, much in the way of the lovely photos from last year on your blog!

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