Australian Landscape History

Under development, 2022.

A long-term project still in its infancy. We know a lot about particular artists and particular periods in Australian landscape painting, but little about how they have linked to one another and how the present builds on, or escapes from, the past. Theories of landscape painting mostly arise from a Eurocentric perspective, which makes much less sense in the Australian context. Landscape painting has undergone various phases of popularity. The last generation of traditional landscape painters are now nearing the end. One strand of this project hopes to interview some of the older landscape artists still working about the history and development of their art practices, including their various distinctive techniques. Another strand will look to connect the early impressionistic Australian art with the present day landscape abstractionists. My own art practice in landscape painting has been developed in part with this project in mind. Watch this site for updates on this project. A book is already in outline although I am struggling with the question of how to write a book on this topic without including the paintings themselves, all of which are held under copyright by the artist or a publisher.

Further updates will be included on this page.

Australian Perspectives

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