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wesfarmers in the end
Richard Bell:  Bell’s Theorem – Omega 2013 from the Wesfarmer’s Collection

This site is mainly about painting.  It offers reviews of current exhibitions, books and films,  and discussion of philosophy and theory in art history and criticism.  The views expressed are those of the author and all comment is copyright.

Most images on this site are from photographs taken by me. All other images are drawn from public and commons sites or are credited individually.

Images are reproduced within the scope of fair dealing, including fair dealing for the purpose of criticism and review, and research and study – See more at: http://www.artslaw.com.au/info-sheets/info-sheet/legal-issues-for-bloggers/#sthash.qyWpF0u7.dpuf

Where galleries have given explicit permission for reproduction of images this is  acknowledged in the individual review with sincere thanks.

Posts can be chosen  by category. Alternatively by clicking on the Archives all the posts for a given month will appear.


For the photography collection, posts and comments visit Annette Hamilton’s Image Field here

For my fiction and memoirs, visit Annette Hamilton’s Writing Zone  here.

For my work on cinemas and cultures, visit Cinemas and Cultures: Annette Hamilton on Film and Television here

[A Google search is still turning up sites which were started some years ago and are now abandoned or repurposed. As time goes on they should disappear].

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