About Annette

Annette Hamilton is a practicing artist and writer.  She writes, paints and writes about painting (and other forms of art).

She spent her early career as an anthropologist in remote Australia in the 1970s and 1980s, then began research on cinema and culture in Thailand and Cambodia. She has published numerous articles on Southeast Asia, as well as recent papers on contemporary art. She has a special interest in recent German art especially the work of Neo Rauch and Gerhard Richter.

Today she also  writes fiction and memoirs and her several published books include a children’s story The Priceless Princess. Visit her writing site here.

She lives and works at Rozelle, as well as at an old family house on the Hawkesbury River and a shared space at  Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.  She holds degrees in anthropology from the University of Sydney and the Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts from School of Art and Design at Nepean as well as a qualification in photography from the same school.

Visit her author site here and her photography site here.

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    1. Thanks Bob. I will correct it. Really looking forward to the new book about Elisabeth’s work which is being launched in a week or so in Canberra. I will be writing about it for sure – it really deserves some publicity.

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